CEPI - EU Stakeholder Mapping

Summary: Q3 Strategy is supporting CEPI to identify new funding streams from the European Commission to diversify its financial sustainability. 

Approach: Our team conducted an initial desk-research to identify the current EU landscape and key players, followed by the planning and facilitation of strategic 1-1 meetings to build strong relationships. We conducted an in-depth stakeholder mapping, utilising both Q3’s EU network and clients’ existing relationships to identify key stakeholders in the European Commission involved in relevant issue areas. Stakeholders were then contacted and engaged through 1-1 meetings and Focus Groups Discussions facilitated by Q3 Strategy. Our team also supported the client to develop a clear communications strategy that highlights its work in relation to the donor’s objectives. 

Outcome: As a result of the stakeholder mapping and engagement, Q3 Strategy set up two events with the client and EU stakeholders (one in May and one to be held in June) that provided an opportunity for EU commissioners to share with our client their strategic plans and objectives for the upcoming funding period.