CEPI - Mapping of the Lassa Evidence Generation Landscape in West Africa

Summary: Q3 worked with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to conduct a rapid stakeholder analysis to understand the current landscape of Lassa Fever evidence generation and preparedness activities in West Africa, and the key actors involved. 

Approach: A rapid literature review of peer-reviewed articles, grey literature and internal documentation was undertaken on pandemic preparedness and evidence generation for Lassa Fever in West Africa. This was used as a background for the identification of the stakeholders and interactions among them. All identified stakeholders were then categorized based on their role and their interactions with other actors in the ecosystem. A map was developed which was then further iterated and validated via a series of meetings with identified stakeholders. 

Outcome: The final stakeholder map was used to inform the design and in-person delivery of a global meeting on research preparedness for Lassa disease in West Africa, and together, then used to understand where the expertise of existing stakeholders could be leveraged in the development of a pilot a LMIC Tx evidence generation coordination platform as part of a global pandemic preparedness strategy.