GAIN – Stakeholder Mapping for the Food Culture Alliance

Summary: Q3 Strategy was contracted by GAIN Global and GAIN Indonesia to identify and map relevant actors and stakeholders in Indonesia that can support the establishment of a country-level alliance to lead the development of key projects to address food culture and contribute to the mission of the Demand Generation Alliance. The aim of the mapping was to identify which stakeholders to include in the initial phases of the establishment of the Indonesia alliance, to determine how those stakeholders contribute to the functioning of the DGA and its mission, and identify what are the interests and capabilities of each stakeholders.

Approach: An in-depth desk-based review was undertaken to identify all relevant stakeholders (including initiatives, actors and organisations) operating in the space. Each identified stakeholder was categorised based on criteria co-designed with the client and analysed through a Basic Stakeholder analysis, Ecosystem of influence analysis and Social Network Analysis. Key Informant Interviews with decision-makers from the organisations identified validated and complemented the findings. 

Outcome: A scoring and prioritisation exercise supported the identification of the 10-15 potential founding members to set-up the Demand Generation Alliance and create a new cultural movement in Indonesia to support the generation of demand for healthy and nutritious food.