Generation G  - A Multi-Country Study on Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence for

Geographical focus: Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Indonesia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Summary: Q3 Strategy recently undertook g a gender-focused study which aims to better understand the phenomenon of technology-facilitated gender-based violence (TFGBV) and the evidence for preventing and addressing TFGBV in Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, and Indonesia. The study investigates the various ways that technology is used to facilitate gender-based violence, what is currently being done to address TFGBV, and what can be leveraged to prevent and address TGBV further.

Approach: This project required conducting an extensive multi-country literature review investigating and analysing the landscape TFGBV in each of the focus countries and mapping the local and global context of TFGBV. It also involved 50 semi-structured interviews with activists, CSOs, Academic Groups and Government officials. 

Outcome: The research concluded with 8 thematic findings and 5 recommendations to enhance programs and policy addressing TFGBV. Findings included the identification of key populations at increased risk of experiencing TFGBV, across all 7 countries LGBTIQ communities and people were identified as at disproportionate risk. Specifically, at risk of specific forms of TFGBV such outing and doxing (sharing of public information without consent), which in many cases led to offline violence such as physical violence, and or diminished financial and emotional well-being. Programme recommendations include specific implementing activities which consider the status and wellbeing of this community, for example inclusion in legislative reform, and implementing gender transformative approaches which includes consideration of LGBTQI persons. Overall, the results from the study will be used to inform future TFGBV programme activities, firstly within the Generation G partnership, and secondly to all actors working within the TFGBV space.