Action for Global Health – Strategy Review and development of new 2022-2025 Strategy

Summary: Working in collaboration with AfGH’s core team, Steering Committee and Key Stakeholder Advisory Group (including representatives from people with lived experiences and direct beneficiaries), we reviewed their current strategy and developed a new strategy for the years 2022-2025. ​

Approach: Our team consulted with over 100 stakeholders, including member organisations working in global health, UK government officials, funders and key partner organisations, with surveys, semi-structured interviews, focus groups and facilitated workshops.  We conducted a thematic analysis of all findings, developed an option paper and prioritised recommendations in a workshop with over 60 participants. We then worked with the core team, Steering Committee and Key Advisory Stakeholder Group to develop a logic framework for the new strategy and set out a high-level implementation plan. ​

Outcome: Collaborative workshops and iterative consultations were used throughout the project to refine and finalise AfGH’s new 2022-2025 strategy.