CEPI – EU Regional Engagement Strategy

Summary: CEPI is a global leader in research and development (R&D) of vaccines and other biological countermeasures against epidemics and pandemics. In 2022 CEPI launched its 2022-2026 Strategy aimed at preparing for epidemics and pandemics, transforming the response to novel threats through innovation and technology, and generating coordination among stakeholders to ensure an effective response. Therefore, to effectively implement this, CEPI realised it is necessary to strengthen CEPI’s regional relationships, beginning with Europe, focusing on existing engagement with the European Union (EU) institutions and increasing CEPI’s visibility with EU stakeholders through establishing new EU relationships. Q3 was contracted to help CEPI build its visibility and strengthen its networks with the EU with a focus on establishing long-term reciprocal relationships which position CEPI as a leading strategic partner for efforts in the pandemic and epidemic preparedness and PPR realm across the EU Health space.

Approach: Q3 implemented a two-phased approach to this EU engagement. Phase 1, Sustain and Diversify Relationships, focused on leveraging current capacity and diversifying relationships with EU health stakeholders, and funding stream. Our strategic team worked with CEPI to; i) conduct a stakeholder mapping which identified several organisations CEPI should be engaging, including the European Commission (EC) Directorate Generals (DGs), EC Committees, European Parliament (EP) committees and other European Health Stakeholders, and ii) conduct bilateral engagement meetings with EU stakeholders throughout May and June of 2023. The results of these activities enabled our team to create a tailored EU engagement strategy, which included templates for engaging with each DG, a calendar of events to attend, a communications strategy and an exploration of alternative funding mechanisms. The second phase of our approach, Strengthen CEPI’s Ground Presence, focused on helping CEPI to organise and co-host in collaboration with European Commission DG HERA, a global R&D funders round table. Additionally, the second phase aimed to build on the EU engagement strategy established in Phase 1, conducting further stakeholder mappings which focused on MEPs, establishing terms of reference for an EU and CEPI co-led working group and a plan for diversifying funding including the identification of existing and upcoming pools of funds.

Outcome: Following the completion of phases 1 & 2, a final bespoke EU engagement strategy and intelligence repository was finalised. These tools are being used by CEPI and key strategic tools, which act as live documents whereby CEPI can update, adjust and add to the strategy and repository as they complete the suggested activities, and gather further intelligence.