Supporting organisations across the international development and global health sphere


At Q3 Strategy we support organisations across continents to rethink how they operate across the international development and global health sphere.

We are a women-led social enterprise, specialised in global health and international development research and consultancy. We are passionate about supporting organisations to help build a more equitable and sustainable world for all.

We support organisations to rethink how they operate across the international development and global health sphere through research, monitoring, evaluation and strategy services that help organisations strive for transformative change based on robust data. 

Our Mission and Vision

Q3 Strategy is committed to working with
governments, and public and private sector organisations to drive improvement
for the health and wellbeing of populations across the globe, by providing
innovative analytical, policy, and strategic support.

Our vision is to be a trusted global partner who supports
organisations to create positive, transformative change across the global
health and international development sphere. 

We have Four core pillars

We Work Globally

We work with organisations across the global health and international development sectors to design, refine and implement programmes, research, evaluation, and strategies.




We Are Experts

Our team consists of 6 staff members and a network  multidisciplinary experts from over 83 countries, backgrounds and cultures who are passionate about achieving global development and health goals.

Community Goes Beyond Our Work

We believe in community-based, locally-led and owned approaches. This is showcased in all of our work, which always involves a team of local experts with contextual knowledge.



We Empower

Our work seeks to empower our clients to implement their best, most ethical, and contextually relevant work. Through our internship programme, we engage young professionals and empower them to become young leaders in global health. As a social enterprise we support the education and empowerment of young girls.

Our Services

At Q3 Strategy we offer a range of services including research studies, strategy work, monitoring and evaluation, and workshop facilitation and event planning. Find out more about and see example case studies on the Our Work page.

We support organisations to rethink how they operate across the international development and global health sphere through monitoring, evaluation and strategy services that help organisations strive for transformative change based on robust data. At Q3 Strategy, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, we use our diverse subject-matter expertise to create context-specific solutions that help our clients not only reach but exceed their goals. We partner with local experts to ensure the local context is incorporated into our work.

Research Studies

Research studies at Q3 Strategy are at the forefront of generating key insights across a range of thematic areas, including gender-based violence and gender studies, digital inclusion, migration and education. Using a robust methodological approach, we conduct in-depth studies, contextual analysis, impact assessments, gap analysis, etc. Our team of expert qualitative and quantitative researchers undertake literature reviews and extensive fieldwork to uncover the nuances and dynamics affecting target populations and sectors. Our work in countries across Africa, South America and South East Asia underlines our commitment to addressing complex challenges with rigorous, evidence-based research, enabling stakeholders to develop informed policies and interventions that resonate globally.

Strategy Work

Q3 Strategy excels at creating comprehensive strategies that guide organisations towards their vision and goals. Our strategy team works with governments and organisations to develop their 3-5 years strategies, support their internal organisational needs and priorities, as well as to develop detailed strategies for external engagement with donors or other key actors in their field. Q3 Strategy uses a mix of in-depth document review, stakeholder interviews and SWOT/PESTEL analysis and the facilitation of workshops and roundtables. From guiding organisations through strategic reviews to developing engagement strategies for NGOs, our tailored approach ensures alignment with global best practices and local realities, fostering impactful and sustainable outcomes.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our Monitoring and Evaluation team specialises in undertaking comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL) services designed to provide your programmes and initiatives with actionable insights and measurable impact. Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors and global regions, ensuring tailor-made evaluations that meet your specific needs. From developing summative and formative evaluation frameworks, co-designing logframes and theory of changes, developing KPIs and specific programme indicators, as well as tools to conducting in-depth primary data collection and analysis, our team is dedicated to improving programme effectiveness and driving sustainable change. Whether assessing projects across multiple continents or evaluating individual campaigns, our MEAL services provide the clarity and direction you need to make strategic decisions.

Workshop Facilitation and Event Planning

Our services are designed to create engaging, productive spaces for dialogue, learning, and collaboration. We handle all aspects of events management, from setting objectives and agendas to stakeholder identification and logistical support. Our facilitation and reporting ensure that every event we manage is meaningful and drives forward our clients’ agendas, whether it is a global health meeting in Nigeria or a stakeholder workshop at the European Commission in Brussels. Through meticulous planning and execution, Q3 Strategy turns events into catalysts for change and innovation.

Reviews From Our Happy Clients

I am very impressed with the work delivered, all to high quality and with tight turnarounds. I would highly recommend Q3 Strategy, both as thinking partners, and in doing the heavy lifting



What can we do to help?

Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible support and information. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.