Empowering Girls in Partnership with Together We Learn

Q3 Strategy is a social enterprise, meaning that we strive to create a positive impact through our work and our partnerships. To achieve this, we have partnered with Together We Learn, a charity that works to enable a brighter future for children in Ethiopia through access to quality education. By donating 10% of our profits to Together We Learn we are supporting young girls to further their education.

About Together We Learn

Together We Learn is a merger of Link Ethiopia and The Kindu Trust, two charities that have been working to brighten the prospects of children in Ethiopia for more than 20 years.

Vision: For all children in Ethiopia to be able to strive for a brighter future through access to quality education.

Mission: To break the cycle of poverty by giving disadvantaged children access to quality education by improving the quality of teaching and quality of facilities within the schools and by working with communities to overcome obstacles, enabling children to stay in school. 

Children are at the heart of Together We Learn’s work and they focus particularly on helping disadvantaged young people gain equal access to quality education which has the power to break the cycle of poverty by enabling children to learn, grow and access opportunities. Together We Learn achieve these gals in a number of ways including:

Access: ensure access to education through the construction of school facilities that mean more children can stay in school

Quality: improve the quality of education through teacher training and provision of quality learning environments.

Wellbeing: enable children to flourish through after-school activities and programmes supporting their families at home.

Our Commitment

Q3 Strategy have pledged to donate 10% of our annual profits to Together We Learn and are building a collaborative partnership to support Together We Learn using our skills and expertise. Q3 Strategy’s contributions are currently being focused in the following areas:


Household sponsorship to enhance female participation in education

Although state schools in Ethiopia are free, many students are unable to attend school due to the financial burden on their households. Together We Learn provide support households through direct financial aid to guardians of female students, on the condition that the student stays in school. This support is provided through targeted business start-up grants to the mothers of sponsored female students who are at risk of dropping out of higher education. They also provide educational materials and medical coverage, further enabling girls to stay in school. The small scale, targeted nature of such funding, tailored to the individual household needs, makes it an effective way of supporting girl’s education.

The funds donated by Q3 Strategy will contribute towards supporting female students who have been accepted to university or vocational courses, but who are struggling with the associated costs.

Provision of reusable period packs

A key barrier to girls staying in school is often a lack of appropriate WASH and menstrual hygiene management facilities. This is particularly true in very rural or hard to reach areas where school facilities are not as developed. Together We Learn provide reusable period packs for girls which support them to manage their menstruation effectively and discreetly so that they have the confidence to continue attending school. 

The funds donated by Q3 Strategy will therefore be used to distribute reusable period packs to girls in hard to reach rural areas, who could most benefit from these kits.